A Little Birdy Told Me… Week of 2/7/11

Wow, where has this week gone? I don’t know about you, but has this year been off to a running start, hasn’t it? I hope that means that Springtime and warmer weather (for those of us on the East Coast) is just around the corner.  Here are this week’s interesting links and articles to share. Enjoy!

Twitter Tips for Pharma (from @eyeonfda):

The 2010 ePharma Summit took place this week in New York, and from following the Twitter hashtag #epharma, it looked like there was a big discussion regarding the lack of FDA social media guidelines for pharma companies. Despite absence of said guidelines, pharma companies are getting active on Twitter, usually from a corporate or nonbranded (i.e. no product mention) perspective.

Mark Senak, who knows the pharma marketing business really well, offers some great tips on Twitter use for pharma, but it’s also a good list for regular Twitter users and companies to take heed.

Free Speech, Media Law, and Social Media (guest post on PR at Sunrise from @worob):

Media law, while usually black and white, is a great area of discourse. Throw in social media, and it only gets more interesting. And considering that information shared on social media platforms may not constitute protected speech, and it starts to get complicated.

Fritz Messere, dean of the School of Communication, Media and the Arts at State University of New York at Oswego, provides a great discussion piece on the implications of taking words (or tweets) too far on social media. As PR and marketing folks, we need to remember that as we evolve our communications, the law will also evolve to enforce its guidelines.

The Life Cycle of a Social Media Crisis (from @adage)

Well, a week has passed, and it’s easier to ascertain the real “damage,” and, more importantly for communicators, the learnings from the Kenneth Cole Twitter fiasco.

For anyone unfamiliar with the situation and outcome, Rupal Parekh provides a step-by-step recap of the incident while also making a valid point about the now all to common social media crisis. The lesson to learn is how humor actually detracts from the issue that made us angry so to begin with.

Getting “Smart” with PR Objectives (from @journalistics)

How many times have you drafted a PR plan only to have it rejected, or worse, not work out as planned? Perhaps you set the bar too high or didn’t adequately define your tactics.

The helpful folks at the Journalistics blog bring up a good acronym to remember (or put on a Post-It note on our desktop screen)-S.M.A.R.T. Sure, acronyms can be cheesy, but this one is really helpful, especially if you read it and nod your head because you may have overlooked a few of these principles.

That’s all for this week. Do you have any interesting nuggets of knowledge to share?

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