A Little Birdy Told Me…Week of 2/28/11

Happy Friday wishes to everyone– is your March off to a good start so far? Was it in like a lion or a lamb? I think the East Coast saw a bit of a lamb, so I guess we’re in for messy weather later this month. Oh well, at least we’re one month closer to Springtime. While we wait for green grass and red robins, here are this week’s links and article of interest to share. Enjoy!

Confessions from a Social Media Professional (from @cpawebster):

In an environment where it is contentious to declare yourself a “social media expert,” it was refreshing to read a post where someone who works in social media admits they’re human.

Rachel Strela’s post ran on Social Media Today, where she lays bare her fears as a social media professional and some of the cardinal sins of the field. I found her tone and confessions reassuring because it showed that even the experts out there are unsure of themselves at times. Her post demonstrates that social media is an evolving communications practice, and one from which we can continue to learn.

Punk’s Not Dead – It Lives On Twitter (by Joshua Benton from @NiemanLab):

It turned out the guy behind the fake Rahm Emanuel Twitter account (which is hilarious) was Dan Sinker, the founder of Punk Planet. For those unfamiliar, Punk Planet was one of the various punk music ‘zines, and one I used to trade with my friends back in the day (don’t ask how far back). As a fan of punk music, I love it when I can apply the sentiment of punk to the professional setting and social media in particular.

This article and embedded video from Mr. Sinker summarizes how even the most simple of communications tools can have a significant impact. It’s especially relevant when you consider how this applies to social media communications and political change in the Middle East.

Hispanic Social Media Is Growing (from @PRNewser):

Manny Ruiz has always been at the forefront of Hispanic media, marketing, and public relations.

He was the owner of the Hispanic PR Newswire (later acquired by PR Newsire), recently launched a new Hispanic social media news site (www.Hispanicize.com), and is organizing the second annual Hispanicize event to discuss the Hispanic community’s contributions to social media. I could go on about Manny, but check out this Q&A interview with the man himself, which demonstrates his depth of knowledge on Hispanic marketing and why he’s an advocate for the growing Hispanic community.

Changes in Citizen Journalism (by Steve Myers from @Romenesko):

The Rodney King video was one of the single most powerful images captured to have serious social repercussions. We didn’t call it citizen journalism back then, but knowing what we know now, it’s amazing to see its evolution.

This article encapsulates how the citizen journalists of the early 90’s era used the tools available to them, while contrasting them with the tools and outlets available now. It shows how you no longer need a news station to get the news anymore. Acts of citizen journalism are much more prevalent, given the ease and speed of online media. Thanks to many of these eyewitnesses and the tools available to them, we know what is happening in the world at a much faster pace.

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  1. business replied:

    Manny commented Not everyone understands Hispanic marketing and even less understand social media. Social media tools present meaningful opportunities to listen and connect with Hispanic audiences..In at least one way Hispanics lead several groups in social media use.

    • Krista replied:

      Good point–Hispanics have been early adapters to new media for some time and social media is a great way to connect with them. Lots of opportunities out there, it’s just that communications folks need to understand and prioritize them.

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