A Little Birdy Told Me…Week of 5/9/11

Welcome to the close of another week. My, my–the Twittersphere among public relations and social media folk was ablaze yesterday with the news that Facebook had hired a PR agency to plant stories about Google. Although I don’t work in an agency anymore, this kind of thing still stings the PR profession and gets under my skin. This incident is sure to spur several blog posts in the next week, so it could get interesting. In the meantime, here are a few articles of interest to share–enjoy!

What Are You Passionate About? (by @cpawebster):

It’s always nice to read an honest and straightforeward post on a Monday morning, and Rachel Strella of Central PA Webster did just that. I ran across her post in my early week haze but quickly snapped out of it with this thoughtful concept. It’s easy to forget why we’re all in this social media world, so it was refreshing to hear someone like Ms. Strella share what she’s passionate about. It makes you think about what you’re passionate as well about and what drives you to keep sharing with others in this “little” world.

PR Social Media Tips (on @mashable via @Miss_JRob):

Who doesn’t love a list of tips for PR pro’s to use with social media?

With the way communications are constantly changing, it helps to have fresh perspectives and creative ideas to tap into social media effectively to support PR campaigns. And one of my favorite PR people, Jenea Robinson (@Miss_JRob) brought this post to my attention. It made the rounds on Twitter because it shares a handful of social media components to integrate with PR plans. But, as always with social media strategy, the important thing is to consider what you want to accomplish and how social media can help you meet those goals.

How to Build an Online Community (by Stephanie Gehman via @smexaminer):

So social media is all the rage, right? If you are “engaged” in social media, what is your purpose and how do you make it work for your business or product?

An important aspect of social media I plan to become more familiar with soon is building online communities. In the healthcare world, these are often organic as patients band together online. But what if you had to build the community yourself? In this post from the always-helpful Social Media Examiner, Ms. Gehman offers straightforward tips to building that community, and it’s a great place to start when you’re just starting to scratch the surface, like I am.

Jim Lehrer Steps Down from PBS NewsHour (via @Romenesko):

Say it ain’t so, Jim-another long-time news anchor is stepping down from the news desk, this time on public broadcasting. I’ve always admired Mr. Lehrer’s inviting demeanor on the NewsHour and the caliber of the program’s news coverage on national and international issues. While this may not signal the end of the anchorman era, it is still be a moment when one of the longest-running news anchors bits adieu.

With that story on anchormen, I couldn’t help but include a small clip of a by-gone era…a time before cable; when the local anchorman reigned supreme; and people believed everything they heard on TV. They needed a news team like this:

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