Blogging Ain’t Easy

Publishing fresh and useful blog content every week isn’t easy sometimes.

Maybe it is for some people, but most of us are busy with jobs, priorities, dependents, and distractions.

I admit that I’ve hit a dry spell.

I was on a roll when I launched this blog last Fall. I had a schedule, a list of ideas, and plenty of optimism that I’d be able to keep the ball rolling.

Then I got a new job, which is a significant life change, and started to get a little lazy. I didn’t plan ahead, and the well ran dry.

I’m sure the same thing happens to other bloggers now and then.

The variance and frequency of writing for a blog is different for each person. Some people post daily, some weekly, and some occasionally.

Jackson Wightman juggles a job and a small business, so he blogs when the right idea strikes him.

Gini Dietrich must be Wonder Woman because she posts and tweets throughout the week and speaks at national conferences. At the same time, she’ll be the first to tell you blogging is hard work and even she is vulnerable to writer’s block.

From my experience, I find I work best with a schedule. That’s just the kind of work personality I have (if you read my list of things to do post, you’ll get the picture).

Image: graur codrin /

So, I need to find time to organize my thoughts, reflect on my experiences, and think of what I have to offer to the conversations going on out there.

Some posts might be planned; others might be spontaneous, but I have to keep on truckin’ and remain committed to the reason why I started this blog:

I wanted to challenge myself and my writing skills. What better way than to have a publishing mechanism at my fingertips?

I wanted to stay in touch with the issues surrounding communications work. What better way than to plug into social media conversations and contribute my perspective to them?

I wanted to have some fun and see how creative I could be outside of the nine-to-five world. What better way than to launch a blog?

Blogging is an individual experience, so it’s hard to say what works for one person works for another. You have to think about your own reasons why you write and find what works for you when posting content.

Whether you want to generate new business leads, become an influencer,  share your experiences, or just have fun with it, at least you’re doing it.

Blogging sure ain’t easy, but I’ll be the first to admit, it’s also worth the time and effort.

If you also blog, what do you find works best for writing and publishing your posts? Any tips for “blogger’s block?”

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June 8, 2011. Tags: , , . social media.


  1. Jackson Wightman replied:

    Hey K,

    Funny you wrote this now. I haven’t blogged in awhile either. Been stressed (which kills my creativity), and have nothing interesting to say.

    Some great points in here. Thanks!

    • Krista replied:

      Hi Jackson–great to hear from you! You make a good point, that if you don’t have anything interesting to say, don’t say anything at all. I think I might be too hard on myself, but it’s reassuring to hear that other bloggers hit a creative wall too sometimes :)

  2. Gini Dietrich replied:

    It depends. Like you said, one size does not fit all. Everyone blogs for a different reason. For instance, I have always wanted to write. If I could make a living at it, I would. I majored in English, with a creative writing minor. So blogging, for me, is something I HAVE to do. When I sat down to write last Wednesday and that blog post about nothing came out, that was because I have to write. Not because I have a schedule to keep. I cannot start my day without writing. It’s like having a disease (kind of).

    My point is to reiterate what you said – it just depends. What works for me doesn’t work for you doesn’t work for Jackson.

    • Krista replied:

      Thanks, Gini– think they’ll ever offer a BA in blogging some day? I continue to be inspired by your passion and drive to share relevant content :)

      • Gini Dietrich replied:

        Honestly, I don’t get to do the work anymore because I’m running a company. And I miss it. Blogging lets me feel like I’m still plugged into our industry. It would likely be more difficult if I were executing programs for clients all day. I miss that.

  3. Samantha Flynn replied:

    Hi Krista,

    I just got over writer’s block myself! I write a joint blog with five other people and have suffered from writer’s block for the past six weeks or so — the biggest advice I can give is to just try not to think about it (I know it’s hard!) Your readers will be waiting for you when you come back — and strike when the iron is hot! If you get an idea, jot it down quickly and throw it out there — I’m happy to say I just posted my first contribution in what seems to feel like FOREVER — and I’m trying to respond by being proud of myself, rather than worry about next week’s post.

    This blog post is a good start — keep up the good work! :)

    • Krista replied:

      That’s great advice, Samantha! Thanks also for your words of encouragement. I think as writers, we often come down hard on ourselves while no one else has that same expectation. Here’s to more happy blogging!

  4. sherrill Poland replied:

    Hey Krista,

    I am a fair weather blogger, just for the reasons you mentioned. I was becoming annoyed with myself at the fact that I just could not find the time to blog, and would read these wonderful blogs, like Gini’s and then become even more down hearted. While my little blog is still trying on different hats ( I think it’s finally found one that fits), I wrote a little piece titled Update A Little, Update A Lot. I reevaluated the reason I started my blog in the first place, which was for fun, and while I only have one little follower (my husband) it’s all good.

    • Krista replied:

      Hi Sherrill–thanks for sharing your experience and reasons why you blog. We all have to find our own “happy place” with blogging and let that guide us. I’m of the opinion you should enjoy it and have fun, which sounds like your happy place too :)

  5. Getting Over a Blogging Slump « PR in Pink replied:

    [...] Sooner or later, bloggers have to face the fact that they have simply run out of ideas and have nothing to write about. Gini Dietrich has written about this problem, and I have owned up to it as well. [...]

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