A Little Birdy Told Me…Week of 9/5/11

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you enjoyed the long holiday weekend before the daily grind or daily class schedules kicked in again. My hubby and I ended up taking an impromptu daycation to Manhattan with our dog last Friday, so alas, there was no Little Birdy post. I’ve combined some of last week’s posts with this week’s because I think they’re still appropriate to share. I hope you find them as interesting as I did–enjoy!

Three Reasons to Follow Up with the Media (by @Jaxx09):

Here’s another reason why I aspire to write like Jackson Wrightman—he is succinct without losing his personality. If you are a regular reader of Proper Propaganda, then you’ll get Jackson’s “tone” with this Dear Journalist letter. He also makes a good case for why following up with the media is not necessarily a bad practice—it all has to do with your relationship with the reporter and the strength of your pitch to that reporter.

So, even though there are many reasons why reporters don’t want follow-up calls, there are just as many good reasons to do so. Ah, the never-ending pendulum of media relations swings…

Social Media Speech Regulation Case (by @vedo):

I am a sucker for media law, especially as it has to do with social media and the limitations on free speech. In the case of this Missouri Facebook case, no one would argue that inappropriate contact and communications between teachers and students should be prevented, but should it go so far as to prevent communications between the two parties over social media? Richie Escovedo summarizes how this law was struck down by a circuit judge for its chilling implications on free speech.  It will be interesting to watch for additional regulations regarding social media communications, as they become more pervasive in our society.

Young Alumni Resource on LinkedIn (by @alumnifutures):

As I have been becoming more familiar with the field of alumni relations, it’s obvious how social networks can aid in connecting and communicating to a large alumni community. A great blog to follow for higher education and alumni relations posts is Alumni Futures by Andy Shaindlin, which is where I learned about a new tab on LinkedIn that shows the user potential young college alumni who work at any given company.

As good a resource this is, there are still some limitation of the data it presents. For instance, the tab is specific to the Company search, and it lists alumni from the same institution, not necessarily the same year as the user.Nevertheless, it’s a step in the right direction of making LinkedIn a valuable alumni resource.

Signs for Healthcare Social Media Success (by @kevinmd via @wiltonbound):

So this social media thing hasn’t died yet, has it?  It looks like it’s here to stay, so how do you know when your company or product is ready to take the plunge? DJ Edgerton’s (@wiltonbound) tweet about this article caught my eye because he mentioned how the signs for social media success in healthcare could also be applicable to the non-healthcare/consumer setting.

Once you read this post, you’ll be able to see your own work situations or social media meetings in the examples. The point is that it’s common in many fields to find that people are both interested and hesitant of social media. No matter what side you fall on, there are some definite signs that you’re ready to use social media.

 That’s all for this week–do you have any links or posts of interest to share?

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