A Little Birdy Told Me…Week of 9/26/11

Happy Friday, all! It’s drawing to the close of September, and it’s also a significant week for me personally– this Monday was my first wedding anniversary (queue the “awwww” sound). Nothing quite compares to that first anniversary, right? Oh well, there will be more significant September 26′s to come, as there will be more beautiful Fall weekends like the one I am looking forward to. As you relax this weekend, feel free to peruse these links and posts of interest to share–enjoy!

YouTube Video Resources (by @dbreakenridge):

More and more bloggers are incorporating original video into their posts. In fact, that’s one of my personal blogging goals for this year.

Making it easier to record and edit videos are the majority of new laptops that come equipped with video cameras. If you don’t have a specific video-editing program already, Deirdre Breakenridge shares a video-editing program offered through YouTube. Her helpful post explains how easy it is to use YouTube’s option as a quick lesson to PR and marketing pro’s who need a helpful video resource.

How PR Works in a Vacuum (by @PaulRobertsPAR):

Ever get the feeling you’re stuck in a hamster wheel, perpetually running but going nowhere? That’s the perfect analogy for when PR gets stuck in a vacuum, and instead of challenging clients and providing real effective strategies, PR agencies simply spin their wheels.

Paul Roberts always offers good observations in his posts, so of course there is much to identify with in this week’s edition. However, the challenge for PR agencies is how to get out of the vacuum and what solutions are available to them to break free of the mold.

Growth in Multicultural Marketing (by Sebastian Aroca via @MediaPost):

There is no doubt following reports of the 2010 US Census that the Hispanic market is poised to become the largest minority population in the country. If you’ve worked in multicultural marketing or communications over the past decade, this is no shocker.

Aside from the numbers game, these statistics point to how Hispanic culture is becoming part of the mainstream and this will present a challenge to marketers who want to reach this audience. Mr. Aroca’s post brings to light how multicultural marketing must go beyond simply using a few Spanish words in an advertisement. It’s about identifying with their cultural sensitivities and how they are evolving as part of the general American experience.

Why Tweet? (by @mhannaford via @centralpawebster):

Matt Hannaford hit the nail on the head with this post. I also hear the same question his clients pose to him when it comes to Twitter—“What’s the point?”

The thing about Twitter, from my experience, is that you have to use it and observe it in order to understand it. I liked Mr. Hannaford’s approach to describing how it is different from other social media platforms that feature updates. Twitter is a more immediate forum for two-way conversations and is also a useful pipeline for trends, topics, and resources (as I’ve found by sharing these very posts!)

Hope you all had a great week and please feel free to share any articles or posts you found interesting this week as well :)

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