A Little Birdy Told Me…Week of 11/7/11

Happy Friday, all! Where does the week go these days? And with today being a federal holiday, it may be a short week for many folks out there. Although it was nice to get into the office a little early due to less traffic, it made me realize I have that much more time added to my Friday! Oh, well, so it goes…Hopefully, you have a relaxing weekend enjoying Fall festivities. If you have a few free moments, here are this week’s links and articles of interest to share–enjoy!

Pterodactyls and Student Social Media Engagement (by @vedo):

Sometimes, the best social media campaigns can be those that are like an episode of “Seinfeld” – nothing.

Richie Escovedo shared a recent Halloween campaign from the University of North Texas where the university news office created an obvious pterodactyl attack, taking a page from the CDC’s zombie preparedness guide. The university wanted nothing more than to have a little fun and to engage with students on Facebook and Twitter, and it worked! It goes to show that in between our planned communications and necessary university messaging, sometimes simply having fun and showcasing a sense of humor can be just as successful.

Key Takeaways from BlogWorld LA (by @arikhanson):

If time and money do not permit that you travel to every great conference, it’s helpful to read blogs that summarize the main points and key takeaways. Arik Hanson is always generous at sharing his perspectives on the multiple conferences he speaks at and attends. The BlogWorld conferences are great opportunities for the blogging and social media community to band together to learn from each other. Mr. Hanson extends that sentiment with this week’s post where he shares his key takeaways from the conference with his readers.

Online Resource for Higher Education Communication (via @mStonerblog):

There are a variety of communications professionals working in higher education—from marketing, to PR, to alumni relations, to fundraising. In my research to learn from others, I’ve found helpful blogs like mStonerblog, where I can read about higher education and alumni case studies, especially as they relate to new media.

This week, the folks at mStonerblog announced the upcoming online resource for all things related to higher education—an online community for higher ed communicators called EDUniverse. While on the surface, one could brush this post off as an ad for their network, I think it’s more of a resource repository and fills a much-needed gap for those seeking to connect with others in the field and to share resources. It’s also a good model to consider for other industries; think of a site dedicated to sharing PR resources, or marketing ideas.

We Are Journalists (via @JounalistsLike):

Here is a neat Tumblr site that harkens to the We are 99 site, only it allows journalists to tell their stories. It’s very touching because very few journalists tell their own stories. I remember in J-school being taught about objectivity, and to not involve myself in the story. This site allows journalists to share their perspective as a professional in the field – what they fear, what they are proud of, what makes them happy or sad.

For anyone who has worked, or is still working in journalism, this site will probably resonate with you. And for anyone not working in journalism, this site will give you a better idea of what it’s like to be a journalist.

Hope you enjoyed some of these posts–feel free to share any you found this week as well. Have a great weekend :)

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