A Little Birdy Told Me…Week of 11/28/11

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was festive and fun. It’s too bad that it lasts one day, but at least there’s the December holidays to look forward to. And that means it’s time to break out the various holiday decorations, lights, candles, and sweet treats. So, if you’re taking a break from decking your halls this weekend, here are a few links and articles of interest to share–enjoy!

Five Marks of a Great Writer (by @geoffliving):

This was a good post to find while sifting through my more than 200 missed posts from the holiday weekend. As writers of various media, we can always find something to improve upon or to strive for.

Mr. Livingston has been at this writing game for some time, so it’s helpful to read what he suggests are the hallmarks of a great writer, regardless of the medium. I especially liked the fourth hallmark of how a fun sentiment will keep readers coming back, since that is what I find true with most any writer I’ve consistently read over the years.

What Makes a Good (Giving) Website (by Susan T. Evans via @mStonerBlog):

Working on a new website design or overhaul is hard work—and when it’s done within an educational institution, it’s even more work, as I’ve discovered this year.

Yet, there are some universal tips to keep in mind when creating an ideal website, be it for philanthropy (as with the “Giving” website) or for an institution itself. Ms. Evans clearly articulates what makes for a compelling Giving website in this post and provides some great institutional examples to illustrate her points. Her post is also helpful for anyone reconstructing or redesigning websites, so it’s worth a read if you need some inspiration or a fresh idea.

Getting Strategic with Content Planning (by @karinejoly via University Business Magazine):

Here is an article that made me want to stand up from my computer screen and start clapping this week (I usually have about two or three of those a month).

The blog post links to an article Karine Joly wrote for University Business Magazine, so it will require a little more time to read but it is well worth the effort. Time and time again, I have tried to communicate the need to organize communications strategically and this article spells out the reasons why that approach can be successful, especially in higher education institutions. But it’s also applicable for large organizations with multiple communication outlets.

Either way, content must be considered from a strategic viewpoint, otherwise we’re all just out there aimlessly shooting and not hitting any targets.

And for my fourth item of interest, I have to share that I found out that the Cinematic Titanic featuring Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is coming to a theatre nearby Philadelphia.

If you’re as big a geek for MST3K like me, then you’ll appreciate this compilation of their best bits of bad movies:

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