PR in Pink Chat with Andrew Worob

Welcome back to PR in Pink Chats! This is an informal series where I chat with interesting folks in the PR/social media/communications world. This edition features Andrew Worob.

Andrew is a Managing Associate in the digital practice of Finn Partners, a top PR firm specializing in public relations services, including digital and social media. At Finn Partners, he works with leading B2B and consumer brands on developing and executing social media programs. He is also a blogger on PR at Sunrise and the new Finn Partners blog, Inspired. Follow him on Twitter via @Worob.

Here is what Andrew shared with regard to his experience working in PR agencies and advice for other PR pro’s and bloggers:

What is your public relations background? Have you always worked in an agency setting?

I’ve been working in PR since 2006 and have always been in an agency setting. I’m currently at one of the largest PR agencies in New York.

What was your first agency job? Were there any aspects you liked or didn’t like when starting out in an agency? 

I started off as an account coordinator at G.S. Schwartz (GSS) and Co., a midsize firm in New York. Having never taken a PR class in college and only spent a month at a non-paid internship at a boutique firm, I was really nervous about whether or not I would succeed in this industry.

Luckily, I had some great mentors at GSS and was able to make a name for myself very quickly. I soaked in everything I could: how to best write a pitch, what to say on client calls, how to present in new business presentations, etc. I enjoyed everything and have continued to try and learn as much as possible wherever I’ve worked.

How would you describe the agency-client dynamic to someone outside of the agency world?

It’s like any relationship. At the end of the day, you are both partners and need to work closely in order to get the objectives accomplished.

There is sometimes a stereotype that there is an “agency type” – someone who is like a “Peter Campbell” Account Executive, always calculating their next move and stepping on others to get ahead. What do you think is the reality for folks who work in agencies, regardless of their position?

You are always going to have different personalities at a job, regardless of what industry you are in and what the workplace setting may be. Focus on your responsibilities, be a good team player, and you will be rewarded. Don’t get caught up in other things that you cannot control.

Do you think agency experience is a valuable component in a PR career? What advice do you have for someone interested in seeking agency employment?

It all depends on what you want to do with your career. Certainly an agency has its benefits in that you get to work on a variety of accounts, but that doesn’t mean working in-house doesn’t allow you similar, but diverse experiences – you could work with the sales team, the marketing team, the customer service team, etc.

If you are looking to get a full-time agency job, internships are a MUST. Get your foot in the door right away. That’s the best way to getting hired.

Can you describe the kinds of project work you enjoy doing the most, and how you can make a learning experience out of each new project?

Every project I work on is different. Each project may have similarities to other things you’ve worked on in the past, but there is no one-size-fits-all in social media, and that allows you to learn something new each time you work on a project. Every client is different, every project goal is different, and you need to develop your strategy accordingly.

That’s the fun part. Figuring out what is going to work best to meet your overall objectives, executing the plan, and then watching what happens. Nothing is better than watching your hard work pay off in the end.

You also manage a prolific blog and Twitterfeed—any advice on how to manage a full-time job and social media presence?

It’s all about effort and managing your time wisely. Your job always comes first, and it’s your responsibility to do that job well and not just do enough to get by.

During my free time at home is often when I write my blog posts – sometimes late at night, which is never fun, but it’s important to me to stay committed to my blog and not give up on it.

In terms of tweeting, it’s become easier thanks to many useful tools out there (Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, etc.) to stay on top of trends and jump into conversations – it’s important to understand various social media channels, not just by watching what is being said, but by actually getting involved in them.

What is your favorite color?

Royal Blue

Bonus question—what is your favorite WWE finishing move?

Starship Pain – John Morrison (before he was released late last year)

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  1. Worob replied:

    Thanks so much for reaching out to me for your profile series. It was fun!

    • Krista replied:

      And thank *you* for contributing and sharing your insights! Here’s to more happy blogging :)

  2. Pink chat | Istudyweb replied:

    [...] PR in Pink Chat with Andrew Worob « PR in PinkJan 25, 2012 … Welcome back to PR in Pink Chats! This is an informal series where I chat with interesting folks in the PR/social media/communications world. [...]

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