A Little Birdy Told Me…Week of 2/20/12

It’s Friday again, yay! I don’t know about you, but I feel like February, despite being the shortest month (and one day longer thanks to the Leap Year), has felt like the longest. But we shouldn’t have much to complain about with the mild winter on the East Coast. Maybe it’s a good thing that time is slowing down, since there is always so much more to do if we think about it. So, as you take a break from pondering your thoughts on this month, here are a few links and posts of interest to share–enjoy!

Defining PR Drama by @Frank_Strong:

Once again, Frank Strong stretches my brain cells and challenges my thought patterns on a topic.

I already spoke my mind about the PR Defined issue, and if you haven’t read Frank’s take on it, please check it out. This week’s post finds Frank offering some clarity after the dust has settled and a perspective on why PR seems to get itself into these messes. It’s amazing how a guy who’s currently overseas on a tour of duty can find time to come up with quality content like this!

Higher Education & Social Media in Crisis Situations by @cksyme via CASE Social Media:

With recent scandals and crisis communications situations abound in higher education, it’s helpful to see survey data like the stuff in this post by Chris Syme on the CASE Social Media blog.

And the data is actually kind of 50/50—the majority of respondents have a social media policy, yet just a little over half address the use of social media in a crisis situation. The survey authors synthesize these results and also point to several best practices when it comes to social media in a crisis situation. These are relevant not only to higher education but also to companies and corporations, as no one is impervious to a crisis every now and then.

Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks by @jxpaton via @Poynter:

First be warned: this is a long post to read as it is a reprint of John Paton’s address at the Canadian Journalism Foundation.

I stumbled upon Mr. Paton’s blog from the Poynter Institute and immediately was drawn to this post from last weekend. I am familiar with Mr. Paton’s background as the co-founder of impreMedia, a Hispanic publishing company, so finding he was writing about journalism—specifically print journalism—made me happy. If you have some dedicated time this weekend, it’s worth it to read his speech from the CJF meeting.  It’s a good review of what was the Golden Age of journalism, how it is changing, and how it needs to change more if it will evolve with new communications.

How Higher Education is Using Pinterest via @edsocialmedia:

I admit, I haven’t been paying much attention to the growing interest in Pinterest (no pun intended)

But I found this post to be extremely helpful in understanding the basics of how it works and what the user ultimately gets out of it. Plus, from a higher education perspective, the author provides some examples and ways that schools and universities can benefit from this social interaction site. Only the test of time will tell if it’s a flash in the pan or if it really can add value to the conversations taking place on social media.

What did you find interesting this week? Please feel free to share any links as well :)

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  1. Amber Avines (@wordsdonewrite) replied:

    I always enjoy your “little birdy” roundups, Krista. Thanks for sharing the story on Pinterest. I haven’t spent much time there (only two or three minutes), but I want to dig around there a little. Everyone is raving about it.

    As for what interested me this week? I’d say the piece of the dad who made that YouTube video scolding his daughter (see http://www.wonderoftech.com/poll-youtube-rage-dad-justified-or-not/), which I read on Carolyn Nicander Mohr’s blog. That video left me speechless. And EXTREMELY grateful that the man isn’t my dad!


    • Krista replied:

      Thanks for sharing, Amber–that video is pretty ridiculous! I guess that’s what you call “parenting 2.0″?

  2. Amber Avines (@wordsdonewrite) replied:

    I guess so. Thank goodness I didn’t grow up in the age of YouTube ;-)

  3. Frank_Strong (@Frank_Strong) replied:

    Alas, just seeing this post now, Krista! Many thanks for the kind words. Just got back to the States, so perhaps I can add something to the old blog soon before it gets stale!

    • Krista replied:

      Welcome home, Frank! Glad to hear from you and look forward to reading fresh posts on your blog :)

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