A Little Birdy Told Me…Week of 4/2/12

It’s Friday, yay! And for many folks, it’s a busy holiday weekend with family festivities and religious obligations. I have found my time a bit consumed by both a graduate course and a supervisory training course I’m taking. So, this blog has taken a bit of a backseat this week, but I promise to keep it going regardless of how often I post, nowadays. If you feel like catching up on some interesting posts this weekend, here are a few I still found time to bookmark this week– enjoy!

Young Alumni and Social Media by @mherek via @CASEAdvance:

Too bad I won’t be at the CASE Social Media conference later this month! I’ll miss out on Matt Herek’s presentation about using social media to engage with and work with young alumni…

But alas, Mr. Herek is generous with his post on the CASE Social Media blog describing some of the topics he’ll cover in his presentation. As I have just started using social media for alumni engagement, it’s good to read his points about how it can be used best (read: most effectively) for alumni. And it’s often not just using social media but making social content relevant to alumni, regardless of their age bracket.

PR Facepalm on Fake Award by @pitch360:

File this under the “Picard Facepalm” list of bad PR stunts. Michael Parks of Pitch360 brought to my attention this week how a blogger for Forbes unofficially anointed a pharmaceutical product the “Product of the Year.” Knowing what I know about PR, someone’s agency didn’t read into that distinction and saw fit to send out a self-congratulatory media announcement about it—and included the blogger who created the fake award!

So, that product has landed in the PR facepalm category for 1.) Promoting an unofficial award and 2.) Not checking the media list to see it would land in the originiator’s hands. I get companies want to promote their awards and recognitions, but please do some research before tooting your horn.

Unfollowing Yourself on Twitter by @PhilBaumann via @PunkViews:

I was pleasantly surprised to see Phil Baumann on Punk Views on Social Media this week.  I had crossed paths with Phil back when I was in the pharma PR business and a participant on the #socpharm weekly Twitter chats (which I miss dearly!) But alas, I was treated to a post by Phil with his signature sarcasm about the issue of people caring so much about Klout scores that they follow themselves on Twitter and carry on RT conversations with their own tweets.

It never even occurred to me that this was a Twitter “strategy” and to that end, I enjoyed the letter Phil wrote to himself about unfollowing himself. It’s a good way of showing you’re not taking yourself so seriously!

Never-ending PR Discussions by @jacksonwightman:

And my week wouldn’t be complete without more sarcasm from Jackson Wightman!

This post brought up the fact that within our PR professional bubble, we often like to eschew topics to the point that it seems almost futile to reach any sort of cohesive conclusion. Jackson speaks specifically to the top three discussions I’ve seen circulated on social media since my introduction to the PR social sphere about two years ago. It’s true—professional discourse is an important component to any industry, but what happens when it impedes our ability to focus on what is really important to our work?

Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday weekend! Feel free to share any interesting posts or articles you found this week as well :)

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  1. Frank_Strong (@Frank_Strong) replied:

    Loved the “Unfollowing yourself on Twitter” post. It’s refreshing to see something different; something fun.

    • Krista replied:

      Agreed! Phil has always a good perspective & seeing it on Punk Views was a nice surprise.

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