A Little Birdy Told Me…Week of 4/16/12

Happy Friday! Yes, another busy week comes to an end, with the promise of another one on the horizon. I haven’t ignored this blog, but rather am keeping to a moderate schedule for my original posts, due to limited time and because I want to provide content that is useful. At least this weekend is Earth Day, and hopefully, it’s a day you can clean out your Inbox or Google Reader to make room for more this coming week. If you happen to be doing so, here are a few links and articles of interest to share– enjoy!

Sharing the Blogging Process by @ginidietrich via @SpinSucks:

I know I’ve gone on and on about how much I admire Gini Dietrich, but here’s another reason to add to that list—she shares with us her actual blogging process! I had assumed it involved super-human powers, but was corrected. Gini and her team at Spin Sucks keep to a consistent schedule, and she also has a good personal work ethic and schedule to her blog.

Although it might not be the same process for everyone, it’s one that works for Gini. And it’s helpful to know she really doesn’t have super-human powers…or does she?

The Wrong Career Beliefs via @richmeyer:

Have you ever thought back on little lessons you’ve learned in your professional career? Here’s an interesting post Rich Meyer shared on his Management Blog (in addition to his DTC blog and New Media blog) about how what you think are the rules of the road in the real world are not always as they seem.

I can really identify with the working long hours and blaming management items, especially in the agency world. But it’s good perspective on a few tenants many of us may still be committing, in order to think if they’re really helping our careers or not.

Message is Still the Medium by @jepotts:

Here’s some sobering commentary on the effectiveness of paid advertising in comparison to owned media (in this case, company websites). Jonathan Potts breaks it down and explains how companies should pay attention to the utility of their media to carry their messages, rather than just call it a day with a clever advertisement.

Consumers are going to want something useful to supplement that ad, so why not invest in a good website with information they can use? It’s good information for communicators to consider, whether working on an ad, a press release, or a donation letter.

Do You Have to Be Social to Be a Social Media Expert? By @arikhanson:

Arik Hanson is another wonderful blogger whom I follow and admire. So when he blew the lid off the concept of “you have to be social in order to work in social media,” I was intrigued. I see what he means about a busy digital agency not having time to put into a Facebook page, a blog, and a Twitter account. Heck, I remember trying to get my old agency on the social media bandwagon and found this work relocated to the dreaded “non-billable” category, which means I was largely ignored.

But reading the comments, it’s easy to see why so many agencies and consultants feel the pressure and the need to be active on social media. Clients are getting smart and want to see the action in addition to the results (which are more important). But to Mr. Hanson’s point, being busy with client work and producing good results are just as important.

Feel free to share anything you found interesting as well– have a great weekend!

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  1. Gini Dietrich (@ginidietrich) replied:

    You crack me up! No, I do not have super human powers. Have a great weekend!

    • Krista replied:

      Thanks, Gini- and I know a super-hero never reveals their true identity ;)

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