A Little Birdy Told Me…Vacation Edition

Happy holiday week, everyone! It’s been a little quiet on the ol’ blog here because I am getting ready for a vacation visit home to Minnesota. It’s also been busy at work with the end of the fiscal year coming up and new fiscal year planning on the horizon.

So, moving forward on this blog, I may only post occasionally instead of regularly as I had been, and I’ve come to accept that. I’d rather post content of value that I put some thought into, rather than posting just to post. But in the spirit of sharing some fun stuff I’ve found amusing, I wanted to leave you all this week with a few gems that I hope you enjoy as well—have a great week!

Ron Burgundy on Twitter?

Not only is there an Anchorman sequel coming out but Ron Burgundy has taken to Twitter as well—oh, happy day! It’s a clever marketing approach, especially with how people like to “connect” with fictional characters on social media these days. I wonder if this means that #ilikescotch and #baxter will start trending?

Fun for Agency Folks

I’m not much into Tumblr myself but often find pages that I get sucked into because they’re funny as hell, like “99 Problems and a Pitch Ain’t One.” The humor may be lost on anyone who hasn’t worked in a PR agency (or an agency in general), but it’s pure comic gold for those who have shared in that experience. Be sure to bookmark this link for a few minutes of the giggles next time you’re stuck working until 9:30 p.m. for a West Coast client.

We’re Not Young parody

What was meant to be a nice little ditty about a carefree lifestyle aimed at young people who want to buy a new car quickly turned me into a bitter thirty-something. I’d cringe at the sight of the commercial and wanted to shout at those young people—what about your mortgage payment? How much vacation time do you have? How are you affording these new cars and taking time to shoot fireworks at night?

Thank you, Yahoo!, for making a parody video that shows the reality of not being young, which is the reality for many of us. It’s not that we’re unhappy and bitter all the time, it’s just that we live in the real world where you have to pay for that new car and feel the hangover a little more when you stay out all night shooting off fireworks. Oh, the humanity…

Hope you have a great week– share any links or posts you found amusing as well :)

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