A Little Birdy Told Me…Happy Holidays!

Happy Friday, everyone! And happy holidays, as the full convergence of festivities is finally upon us. I have been a busy little elf this week, wrapping up my Christmas shopping (pun intended) and taking some time off from work. For that reason, I will not be posting any new content until the New Year, and my tweets will be few and far between. So, here’s to looking forward to 2012!

Before the holiday break, I thought to share a few holiday videos to hopefully brighten your day.

Here is a video of The Muppets and John Denver doing a rendition of “The 12 Days of Christmas”–this song holds a special place in my heart and always brings a smile to my face :)

And here’s a slightly different take on “The 12 Days of Christmas” by two of my favorite Canadians–the Bob and Doug McKenzie (of SCTV fame) who hail from The Great White North:

Finally, here is a classic trailer to one of my favorite Christmas movies, “Die Hard.” Instead of the 12 Days of Christmas, you get 12 terrorists who hold up a Los Angeles high rise on Christmas Eve. But they didn’t count on one man who would make a difference (seriously, they don’t make movie trailers like they used to):

Happy holidays and a happy New Year, everyone :)

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Communications Christmas List

Now that Thanksgiving has blown over, it’s time to get ready for the end-of-year holiday festivities.

It seems like the turkey was hardly carved before the stores started pumping out Christmas tunes and door-buster deals to get you in the mood to spend money on gifts for others.

This year, I didn’t go shopping on Black Friday (thus avoiding the pepper spray) nor did I order anything online during Cyber Monday. But I did send family members my Christmas List and ask them to send me their lists.

Only now do I realize why my parents always had us make Christmas Lists for Santa when we were little.

Lists are part of what lessens the holiday shopping stress—if you know what your loved ones want, it makes for an easier shopping/shipping strategy.

At least, if the items on said list are easily obtainable.

My sister once added an imaginary item to her list that my parents sought in vain (i.e. rocket shoes) and I always listed unicorns, meaning I wanted a real unicorn.

Nowadays, Christmas Lists are useful for both items that are ideal and items that are necessary.

For instance, as an adult, I’m more inclined to add things I’m sometimes too busy to buy, but really need (like socks and nail polish). And I often buy a gift for myself that’s “from my husband” because, honestly, it’s just easier and I’m guaranteed to get exactly what I want.

But if it’s so easy to make a list of consumer goods and knickknacks that I want, what would I ask for if there was a Santa to the communications profession?

Sure, you could argue that annual performance goals are akin to that list, but that’s not as fun.

Here is what I would put on my Communications Christmas List:

  1. More concise and clear writing skills
  2. Ability to write attention-grabbing headlines
  3. Less wordy explanations of my thoughts in departmental meetings
  4. More strategic content planning across media for work
  5. Demonstrated (i.e. measurable) communications success
  6. Launch and manage social media communications for work
  7. Get better at basic video recording and editing
  8. Be more direct and less passive in my management communication style
  9. Speak up when I have an idea at a meeting
  10. A unicorn…because I’ve never given up on that one!

Again, this list reflects my perspective in my current position in communications work in higher education.

It might be different if your communications work is centralized in public relations, marketing, or journalism.

Have you given any thought to your “professional” Christmas List?  What would you add to it? Care to share what is on your real Christmas list this year?

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