A Little Birdy Told Me…Week of 4/4/11

Happy Friday, all! Hope your week was a good one. I had a particularly exciting event occur for me—I participated as the guest moderator for the #socpharm tweet chat this past Wednesday. It’s one of my favorite chats, and, even though I no longer work in pharma communications, I still find the world of pharma social media and marketing very intriguing. I highly recommend for folks on Twitter to participate in a tweet chat, as it helps provide more context to the subject matter and you also meet new and interesting people. In the meantime, here are this week’s links and articles of interest to share. Enjoy!

Data Visualization and Its Value to Healthcare Marketers (by @ellenhoenig):

You know I’m a sucker for semantic network visualizations, so it should come as no surprise that I loved this post from Ellen Hoenig on the value of data visualizations (or DaViz) to healthcare marketers. Ellen does a fantastic job in this post of including multiple sources for her piece—a practice I need to work on as I continue blogging and seeking information elsewhere.

Healthcare information is often complex to explain, so visual representations are a great tactic in communicating that information to patients or stakeholders. Who knows, if done effectively, it might actually improve someone’s well-being.

How Social Media is Changing PR (by @mattroyse via @SpinSucks):

While it may be stating the obvious to those of us in PR, it helps to remember how social media compliments the work we do.

Matthew Royse contributed this succinct list to the Spin Sucks blog, which does a good job of listing the various ways folks in PR can utilize social media in communications strategies. It’s also good to see that Matthew highlights research and analytics in his list. PR needs to do a better job overall with setting benchmarks based on research, especially when it comes to social media, so we can improve upon and better understand what works in our communications strategies.

Recovering from a CEO Blunder (by @petershankman):

Seeing as how I am liking “list posts” this week, here’s another one from Peter Shankman that appeared on Mashable. In PR, you never know when a crisis may strike, but it helps to have some guidance in place or a plan on hand. If not, Peter lays out some practical and applicable tips on how to assess the situation and look for a solution based on different crisis scenarios involving company leaders.

25 Professional PR Tips (by @prsarahevans):

Oh heck, why not include another helpful list post?

This one comes from Sarah Evans, and even though it’s geared for the newbies in the PR/communications game, it contains many helpful tips for any communications professional. Sarah also includes some advice from other PR folks on Twitter who have been working in PR for many years and have great insights to share.

It might be useful to highlight a few of these items on Sarah’s list and hang them by your desktop or bulletin board for inspiration.

 That’s all for this week. What did you find interesting to read or learn about? Please feel free to share your links or articles of interest as well :)

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